Youth eParticipation

Shaping democracy can be fun!

“Thanks to brabbl, we were able to give young Europeans access to EYP (European Youth Parliament), and discuss European topics in an easy, direct, and uncomplicated way!”
(Kerstin Eckart, Schwarzkopf Stiftung Junges Europa)

Brabbl empowers young people to take part in all kinds of decision making processes via smartphones or PC. This not only increases personal self-esteem and leadership skills, but also helps building trust in democracy and political institutions.
Participants can easily share ideas for a given topic, provide ratings, and discuss interesting proposals in a fair and goal oriented manner. Brabbl shows pros and cons side by side, with best rated arguments on top. That way you can see what’s really important in a discussion and won’t get lost (and frustrated) in personal fights.


Brabbl eG was founded in 2013 in Berlin as a registered cooperative society (‘Genossenschaft’), to improve the online culture of political discussions. Since that time, we conducted many eParticipation processes, e.g. for Deutsche Umweltstiftung („Kriterien für die atomare Endlagersuche“), B.U.N.D. (“Olympia diskutieren), Bundesjugendvertretung Österreich (Austria), Bayerischer Jugendring, DAAD (Spain), and many others.

We keep improving our brabbl software tools every day, and build upon fair standards and transparency.
In 2014 we were awarded “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland” by the German government.

brabbl eG